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The solution for cleaning Graffiti

The solution for cleaning Graffiti

Clean Graffiti with the GRAF-EX product 
It often happens that business owners see their truck or business vandalized by graffiti and an immediate solution is needed. Fortunately, our cleaner product supplier EaCo Chem makes an extraordinary product for this type of situation.

In this case, the GRAF-EX product came to the rescue.
Bart McClelland of No Pressure House Wash McClelland in Western, Pa., sprayed the Graf-Ex undiluted and let it sit for 15 minutes. "I took a towel and rubbed, then rinsed. Some areas needed a second spray. The product did a great job removing the paint very quickly. I highly recommend this product" Eaco Chem

This product is a liquid stripper that removes ink, markers and graffiti from painted surfaces, it also removes decal adhesive, silicone caulk and sealant from sensitive surfaces.

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