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Do you want to quickly train on masonry anchors? Our team of experts has created a training video for you to tackle the subject.

Accessible online, our 30-minute training will allow you to fully understand the standards for the use of masonry anchors. You just need to have a good connection to access it.

Click on learn more and fill out the form to get your training.

Covered topics

  • Code and related standards
  • Connectors and anchors
  • Corrosion
  • National Building Code Seismic Requirements
  • Concrete block reinforcement
  • Arches and lintels
  • Restoration
  • water stewardship
  • Membranes and flashings
  • Sealants and Control Joints
  • Masonry cleaning

Pull-out test

Need to check the anchors of a building? Call on our team to carry out a tear test.

Stabilization anchoring systems (helical or mechanical type with expanding bolts) are good methods for attaching an exterior cladding to the building structure. And this, without having to remove it!

Contact us now to find out more about this service.

Ensure the conformity of the work to be carried out

How is a pull test performed?

First, our team will visit your site (a representative but also a contractor, an engineer and an architect) to analyze the different parts of the building to be restored.

After performing a series of tests to check both the front and back of the walls, we can provide you with the correct procedure to follow.


Following our visit, you will be able to obtain a report with the results of the tests obtained and the procedure followed. We will recommend the right product, the length of the rods to use and their diameter.


Senneco always works closely with the contractor on the project by providing the required equipment and giving the necessary training to the workers when required.


Senneco will provide all the support required for additional tests throughout the project when required. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need help.


engineering department

Knowing your load capacity is essential before starting work, it is also mandatory by law.

We offer all masonry professionals a brick connector load and spacing calculation service.

Our load calculation respects the national building code and the CAN/CSA-A370-14 standard.

Receive a signed report

By accessing this service, you will receive a report signed by a structural engineer as well as a quote for the required anchors.