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Pull-out test

Check your anchors


Pull-out test

To maintain the efficiency and quality of buildings in Quebec, helical or mechanical type stabilization anchoring systems with expanding bolts are good methods for attaching an exterior masonry cladding to the building structure without having to remove this one.

Ensure the conformity of the work to be carried out

A representative will visit your site and analyze, in collaboration with the contractor, the engineer and the architect, the different parts of your building to be restored. Then, we will undertake tests to check both the front part and the rear part of the wall to ensure that we have the right anchors and the correct installation procedure.


Following our visit, you will be able to obtain a report with the results of the tests obtained and the procedure followed. We will recommend the right product, the length of the rods to use and their diameter.


Senneco always works closely with the contractor on the project by providing the required equipment and giving the necessary training to the workers when required.


Senneco will provide all the support required for additional tests throughout the project when required. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need help.


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Direct support

If you want an immediate response, you can also contact us by phone at: 450-443-6535 .