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Les Barres D'armature En Fibre De Verre

Fiberglass Rebar

Fiberglass rebar for masonry extends the life of projects. In order to have a better Carbon Footprint in your concrete projects, you can use the non-corrosive alternative with the installation of fiberglass rebar. These rebars are an ideal solution for structural applications located in unstable environments because they are made from vinyl ester resin. Know that by its fiber components they can be crushed with the concrete during deconstruction and that the mixture will then give a durable property to future concrete structures. They are available in lengths of 2 1/2 and 5 feet. Benefits :
  • 4 times lighter than steel
  • 3 times stronger than steel
  • Durable / Corrosion resistant
  • Permeable to radio / cellular waves