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Wash New Masonry

The building envelope, the first material encountered by the weather, plays an important role in the finishing of an overall construction project. It is therefore, to obtain a perfect completion of a new masonry, that it is necessary to clean the walls in order to eliminate the mortar residues without damaging the brick or the stone.

Removal of masonry mortar residues

The best way is always to avoid residues as much as possible during installation. However, even if the work has been carried out as carefully as possible, often residues are still present on the masonry walls. It is recommended to clean the masonry 7 days after the execution of the work to allow the seal to harden properly. Once the mortar is dry, you should use a product specially developed for cleaning new masonry. We recommend one, which is brushless, the NMD80. It is a detergent based solution designed for cleaning excess mortar from the surface , and will reduce efflorescence. Be aware that masonry should never be cleaned with a wire brush or a muriatic acid-based product. These could deteriorate your joints, cause your brick to look dull, or promote efflorescence. Consequently, and to give your project a unique character, it is essential to take the time to clean it well.