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Réduire le transfert thermique

How to Reduce Heat Transfer

There are still developments in the world of anchors. In recent years, contractors increasingly want to install rigid insulation on the exterior wall of construction projects in order to obtain good thermal insulation. As a result, the installation of the anchors is made more complex because the distance increases between the load-bearing wall and the covering and because it is necessary to cut the thermal bridges created by the installation of a piece of metal through the insulation. Moreover, the National Building Code updated in June 2020 the requirements for insulation and breaking thermal bridges.

This element is therefore now very important in the design of projects. To meet this growing demand, manufacturers such as Pointech and Bloc lok have had to rethink the design of certain types of bindings. Here is a good solution:

A barrel with insulating washers to reduce heat exchange to a minimum, the 2-Seal Wing-Nut.