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HB-213 Veneer Anchor

The HB-213 is an adjustable veneer anchor for metal stud and wood stud construction.

The L-shaped plate section has numerous ribs for added strength and 9/32″ holes for connecting screws.

The eyelets allow 2X-HOOK™ (pintle) insertion (1 1/4″ maximum allowable eccentricity) and are sized to prevent in-and-out movement beyond allowable tolerances.

The compressed leg 2X-HOOK™ has been tested and designed to withstand over 200-lbf, in tension or compression, at maximum allowed offset (ACI 530 of 1-1/4" (disengagement of the pintle from the veneer anchor) These results exceed BIA recommendations and the capabilities of standard “round wire” hook or pintles by over 100%.


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