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Adjustable anchor P-312 to P-316 (Single)

16 ga. anchor. with single 3/16 hook that has a 3" vertical adjustment

8 models are available for use with 0 to 4 insulation.

This anchor is made of galvanized Mill. steel or stainless steel.

Wire: Tensile Strength – 80,000 psi
PSI Breaking Limit - 70,000 psi

Adjustable anchor with 3" vertical adjustment

Wall part: 16 gauges
Pintle: 3/16" rod

– Carbon Steel, Mill. galvanized (ASTM A82), (ASTM A641)
– Type 304 stainless steel (ASTM A167), (ASTM A580)

NOTE: Pointech recommends stainless steel for maximum corrosion resistance.

Insulation thickness for the wall-mounted part
– 0 in. P-312 (S)
– 1 in. P-313 (S)
– 1.5 in. P-313.5 (S)
– 2 in. P-314 (S)
– 2.5 in. P-314.5 (S)
– 3 in. P-315 (S)
– 3.5 in. P-315.5 (S)
– 4 in. P-316 (S)

– 3.250 in.

On request, please contact us.

Type of steelMill. galv.
Anchor typeDouble

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